FRIDAY, JULY 1: It appears Bailey’s Bay have nudged slightly ahead of Premier rivals St George’s in the race to secure the treasured services of Young Men’s Social Club’s (YMSC) skipper Rodney (Picnic) Trott.

This after Trott, who has strong family ties with Bay, was spotted among the group of players that attended last night’s training session at Sea Breeze Oval.

While it remains unclear whether or not the star all–rounder has officially rejoined his former club on loan, one reliable club source believes there’s a “good chance” Trott could give Bay the nod over St George’s, who are also keen to have the player bolster their ranks.

The Bay source said: “I think it is a good chance that he can end up playing for Bailey’s Bay because that’s where he is from – that’s his roots.

“For whatever reasons I don’t know what would lure him to St George’s because he’s already a sure bet for their Cup Match team.

“Bay is where all of his childhood mates are and I think he will be welcomed back with open arms.”

In a recent Royal Gazette article St George’s coach Clay Smith said: “I am definitely trying to lure him to St George’s as he is the missing piece to the puzzle.”

The 23-year-old Bermuda international has been linked with a possible move to Bay or St George’s ever since YMSC withdrew from the 50 Over League, citing a player shortage as the catalyst for the club’s fall from grace.

Thanks to the generosity of Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB), the handful of YMSC players that remained committed to the bitter end have been allowed to play elsewhere on loan until the end of the 2011 campaign, perhaps paving the way for Trott to take up residence at either Sea Breeze Oval or Wellington Oval should he desire to do so.

Trott, who could not be reached for comment, dropped a bombshell when he left Bay at the end of the 2009 season to join two-time Premier 50 Over champs Social Club.

He has been included in Bermuda’s 14-member regional World Twenty20 qualifying squad that will compete in Florida later this month.