*Photo by Nicola Muirhead
*Photo by Nicola Muirhead

The Bermuda Police Service is happy to report that this Cup Match holiday weekend can go down on record as one of the safest we have seen in recent years. This is particularly encouraging as many of the venues over the period saw crowds of thousands over land and water.

We would like to thank our community partners, as well as every member of the public who acted in a responsible manner. Whilst we are encouraged by the actions of most, it was not incident free.

There were a few reported thefts of personal items at Horseshoe Bay beach on Wednesday, July 31st resulting in two arrests; a minor altercation outside St. George’s Cricket Club grounds at the end of the game on Friday, August 2nd resulting in three arrests and an alleged bottle throwing incident at the end of the Non-Mariners Race on Sunday, August 4th.

The alleged bottle throwing incident was promptly dealt with by Marine Unit personnel already in the area monitoring the Non-Mariners Race. There were no reported injuries and inquiries are ongoing.

Despite these incidents, we would like to thank the community at large for their compliance over the Cup Match holiday weekend.

Weekend Police Activity

Over the Cup Match holiday weekend, police officers arrested six people on suspicion of impaired driving as the Selective Traffic Enforcement Programme (STEP) continues.

Officers also arrested 20 people for outstanding warrants, responded to 10 reports of loud music and conducted liquor license checks at various liquor licensed premises throughout the island.