Calvin ‘Bummy’ Symonds during his playing days. *File photo
Calvin ‘Bummy’ Symonds during his playing days. *File photo

Cup Match legend Calvin ‘Bummy’ Symonds believes the leniency shown towards Treadwell Gibbons sets a poor example to the island’s youngsters.

The former St George’s captain, who scored a total of 624 runs in the annual cricket showpiece, also said the all-rounder should have been banned from Cup Match for a year rather than being handed a suspended two-year ban.

“It’s not sending out a message  whatsoever,” he told the Bermuda Sun.

“This is the glamour game of our country and a lot of kids will look at that and think they can do the same.

“St George’s have done that [two-year ban suspended] but in my opinion it should have been a one-year band and he needs help.”

He added: “If St George’s want to fine him some of his Cup Match fees that’s up to them but he also has to have help with his anger management. You don’t want to throw him to the wolves.

“He’s talented but his anger gets to him. He needs leadership, he needs someone to take his hand and teach him the rules of the game.

“When the umpire gives you out, you’re out, that’s the name of the game.

“He should have been banned for one year from Cup Match not two years suspended.

“He had his pastor at the press conference where he apologised right? Well, his pastor needs to take him for one day a week and guide him – that’s my recommendation. And his coach at Cleveland, Allan Douglas — the player needs help from him. n