Kaleb Tota competed this weekend at his 1st CSI Competition in Germany, an International competition for Young Riders under 18.

The CSI J/CH Herford-German Friendships Competition ran from the 26 to 28 July and featured Team and Individual Competitions.

On July 26 in the Opening Class Tota finished clear with a time of 61.54, placing 15th. The next day he finished with 5 faults (4 Jumping & 1 Time) but finished with a score of 67.66, placing 16th.

July 28 was a Grand Prix format was changed due to very bad weather. It was planned as two rounds but the judge decided after the storm that they would complete only one round. Tota finished 12th with a clear round in 55.44.

The Individual Points were given and results were totaled up for the three days, and Tota ended up finishing 24th in the field of 55.