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The Bermuda Gymnastics Association is pleased to announce that we will host the FIG (Federation of International Gymnastics) Level 1 Men’s and Women’s Artistic Academy coaching course this week, from Saturday February 15th to Saturday February 22nd.

A summary from the FIG Academy website:

“The FIG Coaches' Academy Program is the culmination of a worldwide education program for coaches in all six of the FIG sports (Men's Artistic, Women's Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Aerobic and Acrobatic) that began with the FIG Age Group Program.

The Academy Program has the goal to provide undeveloped as well as developed gymnastics countries with a common knowledge base for the development of high performance gymnasts. The information is scientifically based on the growth and development characteristics of the developing child; it is athlete centered; and it provides examples of what is considered 'best world practice'. If coaches follow the information and processes provided through the FIG Academy Program, they will not be making any large errors in the development of their gymnasts.”

This is the first time that Bermuda has hosted an FIG Academy and we hope to host the Level 2 and Level 3 courses over the next years.

The BGA will welcome three FIG experts to lead the course: Keith Russell from Canada, Jose Sucart from Puerto Rico, and Chris Evans from the UK.

21 local coaches and school teachers will participate in the course, which has received generous funding from the Department of Youth and Sport. They will be joined by coaches from Trinidad, Barbados, and Brazil.

“We’re all very excited about the upcoming FIG Academy. It is a great opportunity for Bermuda’s growing coaching staff to upgrade their knowledge and to be exposed to all aspects of training from beginning to advanced, international level athletes. We are also pleased to see many school teachers join the course as it is a chance to impact young athletes all over the island,” says head coach Duke Nelligan.

FIG expert Chris Evans will stay on for another 3-day educational series, the FIG Age Group Program, open to coaches, teachers, and parents interested in increasing their gymnastics knowledge.