There’s no gold, silver or bronze for the vendors, but they’ve all come up winners at this year’s Natwest Island Games.

Tonight’s closing ceremony will bring down the curtain on the beehive of activity across Bermuda and especially at the National Sports Centre.

Vendors lined up along the northern fields and have seen a much-needed cash influx in this economy. 

Mark O’Connor, a manager for Bermuda Bistro at the Beach, told the Bermuda Sun: “Business has been good. The weather’s been good so we’ve had people out. While the events are on, business has been steady. Nights have obviously been busier because there are more people out.”

The Beach’s tent has a prime location at the corner of the walkaways near the swimming and beach volleyball. He said even during the day, locals have been attending — and more importantly, buying — as well as overseas visitors. 

“Their bosses must have given them some time off because I’ve seen a couple of people from the reinsurance firms down here supporting the volleyball. A lot of people have been supporting the volleyball yesterday and day before during the day. The stand was full. The women’s volleyball was definitely a draw.”

He said the busiest time is when the Bermuda football teams were in action.  

Mr O’Connor said the Beach plans on having two locations to serve customers during the closing ceremonies with the second location at the stadium. 

“We’re going to be open late — until midnight and the Kennel Boys will be playing so we’ll be open to the very end.”

Earlette Stephen was manning Ashley’s Lemonade stand for her daughter.

She said business “has been great. Better than expected, actually. Because we have choices of agave, stevia and it’s squeezed naturally and made one at a time, the athletes loved it.”

Ashley’s Lemonade is located near the centre of the walkaway between the northern fields and swimming and have done good business through word of mouth.

She added having a stall at the Island Games has helped get the word out about their product.

It’s been a huge hit with the overseas athletes who would love to have it available in their countries.

“Some want us to franchise it so they can take it home and experience it. One gentleman said he is going to have ‘the shakes’ because he is going to want a lemonade and it’s going to be all the way in Bermuda.  A lot of Bermudians have come out to the Games and they are seeing us for the first time too.” n