JOHN MARTIN is more at home on the volleyball court than in the boxing ring. In fact he hasnât been in a fight since primary school.

But tomorrow night heâll step out in front of a crowd of around 2,000 people at Number One shed for a three-round slug fest with Clint Murphy öö another first time fighter.

Much of the hype about Fight Night on Saturday has surrounded Teresa Perozziâs pro bout and the two Bermuda title fights.

But it is the undercard, littered with first time fighters, that gives the event a unique character.

For John, who works at International Advisory Services, it is the chance to live out a Rocky-style fantasy.

And he says he has yet to feel the nerves ahead of his fight öö despite only having been training for a month.

ãAt the moment I am more excited about it than nervous. Iâve probably watched too many Rocky films,ä he said.

John has been training at the police gym to get in shape for the event.

ãIts definitely more tiring than you imagine. Two minutes is a long time in the ring. Iâve got a much greater appreciation for the sport and the skills involved.ä

Most of the training has been about footwork, working the punch bags and sparring in the ring. But John canât wait for the bell to ring on Saturday.

ãI play a lot of volleyball and am fairly fit but Iâve never thrown a punch outside the family öö except for maybe when I was really little in the school playground.ä

The training has finished and the big decision for John now revolves around his choice of music for his entrance into the ring.

ãI might go for a little Chuck Berry öö maybe Johnny B. Goode or something. The Eye of the Tiger would be good but its been a bit overdone öö everybody will be coming in to that.ä

Another first time fighter is Dan Kidd who says he was roped into fighting by his teammates at Marinerâs rugby club.

ãIâm a little nervous but I am mostly just looking forward to it. I think Iâll do alright, but weâll have to see what happens on Saturday.

ãI have had a few scraps on the rugby field öö except without gloves or a helmet. I donât think that means itâs going to be easier but it will definitely be different

ãI havenât told my parents about the fight yet but I think my mum would be worried and my dad would be proud.ä


Battle of Bermuda Fight Card

Kenneth Williams vs Lubin Sousa

Callon Burns vs Aaron Hassell

George Spurling vs Darragh OâDonoghue

John Martin vs Clint Murphy

Greg Fraser vs Simon Brazier

Dan Kidd vs Alvin Bell

Dejon Seymour vs Gary Wilson

Belcario Thomas vs Raymond Walker

Joshua Smith vs Jeffrey Richardson

Dean Lottimore vs Lyndon Woods

Welterweight Championship

Bruno Parker vs Jerome Kaines

Super Heavyweight Championship

Freeman Smith vs Shareiff Wales

Womenâs Professional Bout ö Super Middleweight

Teresa Perrozi vs Elizabeth Kerin