WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29: The Summer Softball League has had to flush most of the opening two weeks of its schedule after the restrooms at the Michael Preece Stadium had no running water.

The league played the opening two days of the season last week, but games since then have been postponed as they wait on Works and Engineering to get the restrooms up and running.

Cal Simons, sports director for the Department of Youth, Sports and Cultural Affairs, said he was hopeful the Works Department would have the facilities in operation by the end of the week.

Simons said: “Works and Engineering put in new sinks and toilets. They will have it finished before the week is out.”

Black Magic won the opening game of the season as it defeated BNY 23 to 16 in a B Division contest.

Bermuda Water Tours had little difficulty in downing the Paraquet Flyers 26 to 5 while the Corporation of Hamilton slipped past the BF&M Sharks 9 to 3.

Those were both B Division contests.

In the 5n5 Division, PC Panthers split its games on Tuesday. It opened with a comfortable 20 to 12 victory over I’d Hit That and then lost a heartbreaker to Paul’s Pests 18 to 17.