*Photo supplied
*Photo supplied

The entire experience has been nothing short of amazing. All of the fans from around the world are so passionate and friendly! As soon as we pull the Bermuda flag out, everyone is anxious to find out what country we’re from.

We had tickets to the Argentina/Bosnia game in Rio, and we were not disappointed. (The Argentinian fans are taking Rio over!) It would have been ideal to get tickets to another match, but the tickets are worth their weight in gold and extremely hard to come by.

We flew down to Buenos Aires, and then on to Montevideo to see some more of South America, and just happened to find ourselves in Uruguay when they beat England 2-1. The city has erupted with ecstasy over the victory — it feels like Cup Match down here, despite the weather being in the 30s!

This has been an unforgettable couple of weeks that I won’t soon forget.

David Thomas, 25, Pembroke